Paul Verhoeven, Halle Berry Team To Gleefully Destroy Teenage Boy

Will Leitch
Movie TalkFebruary 9, 2011
Nineteen-year-old boys, there is hope. Steve Granitz/
Nineteen-year-old boys, there is hope. Steve Granitz/

How have we survived five years without a Paul Verhoeven movie? It has been since 2006's "Black Book" that the great, crazy Dutch director has graced us with his presence, and in that time, we haven't had a single murderous insect, drop-kicking naked Vegas dancer or alien woman with three boobs. It has been a barren landscape out there.

Thankfully, Verhoeven recognizes our thirst and is returning to sate it: Something called Badass News reported yesterday that Verhoeven will make "The Student" later this year. What's it about? A 19-year-old intern who has an affair with his boss' wife ... and that wife will be played by Halle Berry. The notion of Berry in a Verhoeven film is just asking for trouble. We suspect this will lead to the ultimate Verhoeven scene, in which Berry is holding an ice pick over her boy lover, while dancing to a Cher song, wearing a Robocop mask and cooing into the camera, "Would you like to know more?" We would buy that for a dollar.

Verhoeven To Make Halle Berry A MILF In THE STUDENT [Badass News]