'Patriots Day' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon Are on the Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers

Kerrie Mitchell
Managing Editor
Yahoo Movies

The first Patriots Day teaser ended — ominously — just as the explosions went off in the docudrama’s depiction of the real-life events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. On Monday morning, we got a full trailer that gives some hints about the desperate aftermath, including the manhunt for the two brothers who set that catastrophe in motion. In his second movie for director Peter Berg this year (after Deepwater Horizon), Mark Wahlberg plays a Boston police officer who’s patrolling the finish line that morning when the bombs hit the crowds of spectators. While we see some of the resulting chaos — including a focus on a young couple who are both seriously injured — the bulk of this trailer is about the frantic investigation afterwards.

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A roll call of familiar faces pass by playing some real-life figures from that day, including John Goodman as the Boston Police commissioner, Kevin Bacon as the FBI agent in charge of the case, Michael Beach as Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, and J.K. Simmons as the Watertown, Mass., cop who aided in the capture of the Tsarnaev brothers a few days later. (Wahlberg’s sergeant is apparently a composite character who gets to say things like “What I saw today — good versus evil, love versus hate.”)

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Also notable in this clip: An always-riveting Khandi Alexander, playing a hijab-wearing police interrogator tasked with getting information out of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife (Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist) — and who’s in no mood for any kind of delay.

‘Patriots Day’ arrives in theaters in Boston, N.Y., and L.A. on Dec. 21, and opens nationwide on Jan. 13.

Mark Wahlberg on the appeal of telling real-life stories: