Paternity Test Results for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Baby

Superfan TV

The season finale of Rob & Chyna featured several Kardashian guest stars, but it also confirmed that the unborn child Blac Chyna is carrying is also a Kardashian.

The reality show couple, who had been fighting and were separated, were finally starting to work on their relationship, however after Rob deleted his social media, the rumor mill went on overdrive, with gossip questioning the fatherhood of their baby.

Even though Chyna knew Rob was the father, she decided to take a paternity test to remove all doubt from her fiancée. She enlisted Rob’s older sister Kim on a mission to extract DNA from Rob’s house.

The two women failed at sneaking a toothbrush from Rob, but once they confessed their plan, Rob had no problem going along for a paternity test.

The results came in shortly after, confirming without a shadow of a doubt, that Rob was the father.