'Passengers': Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are 'Stranded on a Sinking Ship' in New Teaser Trailer, Short Clip

The Hollywood Reporter

By Aaron Couch, The Hollywood Reporter

The more Passengers footage that is rolled out, the grimmer things look for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

“We’re stranded on a sinking ship,” Lawrence’s character Aurora says in a new look at the film as she and James (Pratt) try to figure out why they were woken up 90 years too early on a decades-long voyage to a new planet.

The new look is being billed as a trailer, but it feels a little thin for a proper trailer. It’s only 60 seconds long and features an “in theaters” tune-in voiceover at the end. As Trailer Track points out, this debuted as an international spot earlier this week, but with some alternate footage.

Sony has also debuted a new clip from the film, which shows Aurora and James get into a room that was meant to keep them out — perhaps for a good reason.

Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum and is set for a Dec. 21 release date.

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