'Passengers' Clip: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Have an Out-of-This-World First Date

It takes guts to ask out Jennifer Lawrence, even if you’re the only eligible bachelor in the cosmos. That’s the case for Chris Pratt in this new clip from Passengers, Sony’s big-budget sci-fi romance/thriller (in theaters Dec. 21). The film takes place aboard a spaceship carrying a hibernating crew of earthlings to a distant colony planet. When the ship malfunctions, two of its passengers are awoken 90 years before their arrival — and lucky for one another, they both happen to be really, really good-looking. The short scene above shows the two characters dressed to kill on their first “date,” in a retro spaceship lounge manned by a robot bartender (Michael Sheen).  Watch it above.

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This charming clip tells a very different story from the last two clips Sony released, which focus more on the thriller aspects of the film. In one, Lawrence’s character goes for a swim on the ship’s pool and experiences a terrifying gravity failure; in the other, both characters become trapped in an airlock. Despite her extensive Hunger Games experience, Lawrence told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that she refused to do some of the film’s stunts because she feared wearing a harness. “He [Pratt] had to do basically everything,” Lawrence said, “because I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions. So I thought that if I were in harness, I would never be able to bear children.”

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