Parody Trailer Mocks 'Iron Man 3': Tony Stark is 'Regular Man' (Video)

Aaron Couch
The Hollywood Reporter
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Iron Man 3 is the highest grossing movie of the year with more than $1.2 million in box office returns. But that doesn't mean the Robert Downey Jr. superhero pic is immune from a little fan griping.

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For one, there's surprisingly little of Iron Man in the film.

"Tony Stark is 'Regular Man' in Iron Man 3," declares the narrator of Honest Trailer's latest creation, going on to bemoan Iron Man archvillain the Mandarin was reduced to a punch line.

The trailer's other gripes include trilogy ending with the series "ten of the franchises' most disappointing minutes," with the villain being bested by "Gwyneth Paltrow in yoga pants," all of Tony's suits getting blown up for no reason, and Tony Stark getting an operation turning him into Regular Man forever (at least until Avengers 2).

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Honest Trailers, presented by Break Media’s Screen Junkies, has been on a roll this summer, releasing trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness , X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and its first TV property, Breaking Bad. We can't wait until something on Man of Steel pops up.

Watch the trailer below.