Paramount Changes Title of Tom Cruise's Next Movie

Paramount has changed the title of its forthcoming Tom Cruise crime thriller to Jack Reacher, which is the name of Cruise's character in the film. The studio confirmed the switch on Tuesday.

The Paramount-Skydance Productions film was previously titled One Shot. The project, an adaptation of a 2005 Lee Child novel, is set for release on Dec. 21.

Cruise plays and ex-Army cop who gets sucked into the mystery surrounding the arrest of a sniper accused of killing five people in a shooting. The project, which began filming last fall in Pittsburgh, also features Rosamund PikeRichard Jenkins, David Oyelowo and filmmaker Werner Herzog, who will play a villain. 

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Christopher McQuarrie (writer of The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie) is directing from a script he wrote. 

In March, Paramount moved the release date of Jack Reacher up from February 2013 to December. At the CinemaCon theater owner convention in April, Cruise fueled speculation that the film would get a title change by referencing it as "Reacher" rather than "One Shot."


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