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Social Issues Breaking News: LinkedIn Now Lets Jobseekers Apply For Positions Directly Via Its Mobile Apps


Last month, LinkedIn introduced the ability for users of its social network for the working world to search for jobs via its iOS and Android mobile apps. Now it will let jobseekers seal the deal, so to speak. Users can now apply for those jobs via the apps as well, with the option of using their LinkedIn profiles as resume proxies.

Most smokers have tried to quit at least once, according to a new survey. Gallup researchers found that only 12 percent of smokers have never tried to quit the habit. Meanwhile, 40%have tired to quit once or twice in their lives, 41 percent have tried to quit three-to-10 times, and 4%have tried to more than 10 times.

Joan Rivers issued a statement after the Writers Guild of America East levelled charges against her for work on the non-union show Fashion Police. According to Variety Magazine, Rivers said, "This is such a bunch of bulls?t," The WGA East hasn?t released the charges, but the charges appear to be for violation of Working Rule 8, which prohibits working on a show not signed to a WGA agreement.