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Google News Byte: Larry Page Misses Sun Valley Conference


Despite a flurry of attention over the deal makers at the Allen & Company media and technology conference in Sun Valley, one of the most-mentioned individuals isn't there: Larry Page of Google, who disclosed that he suffers from a chronic illness that affects his vocal cords and breathing.

Google-is-the-company-that-controls-the-majority-of the search market. But One entrepreneur has argued that Google's search engine isn't as efficient as it should be.Aaron Harris,co-founder of the website Tutorspree, noted that "Google won search by providing the best organic results users had ever seen."But since then,the-company-had-begun-to-replace-organic-results with "revenue generating Google products."In fact,Harris calculates that real search-results-only-account for 13% of screen real estate

Google has plenty in store for its Motorola hardware unit, but don't expect the new gear to be launched at an event this month.