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Entertainment News Pop: Mick Jagger Turns 70 While The Rolling Stones Tours Add Up to Billions


Happy 70th birthday Mick Jagger! Hard to believe The Rolling Stones lead singer is a septuagenarian. Maybe harder to believe that the band still tours after 50 years. According to Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine, their current tour has grossed about $125 million, adding that "The Stones tours since 1989 have grossed. I would say, at least $1.5 billion."

Miley Cyrus is TOO cool!! The singer can't stop complimenting herself and won't stop subtly dissing other celebs. While Miley has claimed that she is too "urban" to pay any attention to One Direction, she revealed during an interview in Germany that her hip hop music taste clearly does NOT include Chris Brown.

Industry groups are still not satisfied with Italy's offer to partially reinstate the film production tax credit, threatening a series of protests and walkouts at the upcoming Venice Film Festival.