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Entertainment News Pop: Justin Bieber Brought The Club Girls To His Bus Instead Of Clubbing Underage Again


After supposedly getting the boot from a Chicago nightclub for underage drinking, Justin Bieber apparently changed up his post-concert party plan for his show in Indianapolis.

It's rumored that the Biebs did it up like a real rockstar and brought the party to him!

Considering he can't legally drink in the U.S. or get into most clubs, the Biebs set up party central on his tour bus that supposedly parked outside an actual nightclub.

This fall, Bill Cosby will be back on TV for a Comedy Central special in November. The entertainer's special, "Far From Finished," is being billed as Cosby's first television concert in the three decades since the landmark "Bill Cosby: Himself" aired in 1983.

Every year, it seems, one independent movie breaks out from the Sundance Film Festival in January and manages to make a splash during awards season. Last year it was Beasts of the Southern Wild. In 2010, it was Winter?s Bone. This year that movie is Fruitvale Station. The movie, which opens this week in selected cities, has already won accolades and has garnered near unanimous critical approval. If this movie follows the track record of those other breakouts, it should do quite well come awards season.