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Entertainment News Pop: Brad Pitt Really, Really Loves His Monochromatic Outfits


World War Z actor Brad Pitt left for France wearing pretty much his uniform for the past few months: one-color outfits. On different days of his shoot for the movie, the 49-year-old star's garb ranged from solid military green to solid black back to ... solid military green. Topping it all off? Pitt's luscious "Legends of the Fall" locks.

After discovering Cory Monteith's cause of death earlier this week, it's clear the Glee star's battle with drugs was still ongoing.On Live From E!, Ken Baker, Marc Malkin and Arlene Santana discussed how powerful Monteith's addiction was until the day he passed away. "The demons were too big for him," Marc said on the show. "His addiction was a lot deeper than people thought."

Once a hotbed for avid fans of cult comic and fantasy genres, San Diego's Comic-Con has become an important stop for film studios and directors looking to gauge the responses of the convention's savvy audience. Gareth Edwards, director of Warner Bros.' 2014 film "Godzilla," who made his first trip to Comic-Con last year to discuss possibly rebooting the monster movies, said audience reaction helped get the film approved for production. "I hadn't really comprehended how significant it was going to be for the film.