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Elizabeth Taylor, 'BUtterfield 8'

Elizabeth Taylor, 'BUtterfield 8' (Best Actress, 1960) Taylor earned four Oscar nominations in four consecutive years from 1957 to 1960, finally winning on her fourth bid for playing man-eating call-girl Gloria Wandrous in Daniel Mann's drama based upon a John O'Hara novel. Promotional posters declared her to be "the most desirable woman in town and the easiest to find … just call BUtterfield 8." Taylor hated the film so much that she threw her shoes at the screen when she saw it, screaming, "It stinks!" (That was Taylor's early description of the scene. In later years she confessed to using profanity.) She was angry that she had to make the movie under contract before MGM would permit her to scoot over to 20th Century Fox to shoot "Cleopatra." She was also upset that she was forced to portray a floozy when, at age 28, she was being widely denounced for stealing Eddie Fisher away from "America's Sweetheart" Debbie Reynolds. She ultimately married Fisher – who portrays her old childhood pal in "BUtterfield 8" – then blatantly cheated on him on the set of "Cleopatra" with the married Richard Burton.