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Breaking News Headlines: Nick Cannon Has Cyst 'The Size Of A Grape' Removed From His Face


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are really burning through their co-pay this summer. Just weeks after his wife was admitted to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder, Cannon had to go under the knife to have a cyst removed from his left cheek. He informed his fans on Twitter writing: Had a Cyst on my face the size of a grape!! I want to show y?all the pics of the removal but its too disgusting!

Keyshia Cole's husband, Daniel "Boobie" Gibson -- a professional basketball player who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season-- has been arrested in New Orleans. The details surrounding the alleged assault and battery are unclear -- and cops have not identified the accuser. but according to reports, he's been charged with assault and battery.

The Israeli and Palestinian delegates sitting down for preliminary peace talks in Washington are veterans of on-and-off negotiations that began more than two decades ago. The chief Palestinian negotiator has joked that he has spent more time with an Israeli negotiator than with his own wife. Such familiarity could be seen as a blessing or a curse, assuring a smooth return to talks or blocking creativity.