'Once Upon a Time' Gets Baby Mamma Drama

Superfan TV

On Sunday's Once Upon a Time, Belle drank poisoned tea at a diner that forced her into labor and to give birth to her son, Gideon.

Her first act after giving birth was to seek out Blue, a fairy, and ask her to be the child's fairy godmother. As fairy godmother, Blue was asked to take the baby off to safety away from the child's father, Rumplestiltskin.

As Blue flew away, Rumple rushed in and demanded to see the child. He was shocked that Belle abandoned their son. Belle shot back, "I didn't abandon him! I gave him his best chance at a good life. And after what you did, that is clearly a life without you in it."

He swore he wouldn't hurt the baby but Belle wouldn't even give him the name of the child for fear that Rumple would hunt him down. He said, "I would never hurt you, Belle. Never. But I will find our son."