Oliver Stone on Donald Trump and the Perils of Cyber Warfare

Anna Marie de la Fuente

LOS CABOS, Mexico – Swinging by Mexico’s 5th Los Cabos Film Festival Friday to present “Snowden,” his biopic about whistleblower Edward Snowden, three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone expressed his surprise at Donald Trump’s election as the next President of the United States.

“I said I’d eat my shirt if Trump won and I had to look for a shirt to eat,” he laughed. “So I’m not going to predict who’s going to win in four years,” he said when asked how he imagined the U.S. then. “Everyone is so terrified of Trump; but it’s probably not as dramatic as that,” he cautioned. “It’ll be more conservative at first.”

Stone went on to say he was “very concerned” that an administration under Hillary Clinton would have leaned towards neo-conservatism; that she would have wanted regime change in Russia and China.

“With Trump, I hope that he has the good sense, because he’s a businessman, that he would find a way to make a deal with Russia as well as China, and that would be better for everybody.”

Citing that no country would accept Snowden when he was fleeing U.S. authorities after exposing the NSA’s cyber espionage activities on even its allies, he said: “It’s a dangerous world where one country [the U.S] is telling the world what to do, with the exception of Russia, China and North Korea.” “Let’s hope for a balance of power.”

“I don’t think Trump is stupid and wants World War III,” he said. “We have to talk peace,” he added.

Warning that the U.S. wants complete social control of the world, Stone said: “This is a game of power, a Game of Thrones, if you will, and the U.S. is very good at it.”

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