Norman Reedus and Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Imaginary Motorcycle Ride

Superfan TV

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus dropped by The Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon, and since Reedus refused to share any spoilers from his show's upcoming premiere, Jimmy had to settle for an imaginary motorcycle ride.

Reedus and Fallon put on some state-of-the-art motorcycle helmets and then straddled the studio couch like it was a motorcycle. To make sure Fallon didn't hurt himself on their imaginary ride, Reedus told him "hold me tight."

Reedus offered up some motorcycle tips for Fallon too, like,"Don't chew gum with a full face helmet, you'll bite your tongue. Don't spit either. I've done that."

With everything sorted out the two went on a magical motorcycle ride while singing The Pretenders song, "I'll Stand By You."