Nikki Reed Chops Hair by 12 Inches!

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Nikki Reed Chops Hair by 12 Inches!

And another celebrity gets the chop! Nikki Reed debuted her stylish new lob (long bob) Wednesday night, April 10, at the 3rd Annual Coach Evening to Benefit Children's Defense Fund at Bad Robot in Hollywood.

The previously long-tressed Twilight actress spoke to Us Weekly about her decision to cut off "at least a foot," she estimates, of her hair. "I'm doing a new movie, and although the role doesn't require a short hair change, it's something totally different than anything else I've done and I wanted to look and feel like a different person," she tells Us.

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The 24-year-old star normally entrusts her haircuts and color to her mom, a hairdresser, but for this makeover, she called in a neutral party, stylist Mara Roszak. "I called Mara and was like, I need to do something really drastic, but I don’t want my mom to cut it because if something goes wrong, I don’t want to hate my mom. She totally got it and I’m so happy."

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Unfortunately, the actress, who's married to American Idol alum Paul McDonald, wasn't able to donate her chopped locks. "They wouldn’t let me. My hair is super processed, I guess, from years of being bleached and dyed," she explains.

Reed isn't the only star to be enamored with the mid-lenth haircut. In January, the New York Times declared model Karlie Kloss' chin-length 'do "the haircut of the year." Shortly after, Nicole Richie debuted a new choppy lob, and in March Naomi Watts had her hair cut into a classic bob.

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