MTV Movie Awards: Rebel Wilson, Channing Tatum Are Action's Odd Couple (Video)

Philiana Ng

MTV is kicking into high gear with a new promo touting the MTV Movie Awards, taking place in April.

In this teaser, host Rebel Wilson and Channing Tatum endure a dangerous drive in a race against their enemy as they ready for the annual awards show. When Tatum asks Wilson to take a shot, the task proves extremely difficult with the Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star struggling to get a decent angle from the passenger seat.

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"What are you doing?!" Tatum asks, before Wilson props herself onto Tatum's lap. Because, according to her, it's ta better angle.

"Ah yes, this is a better position," Wilson says. "They're gaining on us! Take your shirt off!"

The promo will debut Monday during MTV's 10 Spot.


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