Morrissey's Staples Center Gig Not as Meat-Free as Advertised

Seth Abramovitch
The Hollywood Reporter
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Contrary to what Morrissey says, L.A.'s Staples Center will not become a 100 percent meat-free zone when he plays there on March 1, a rep for the venue says.

The British singer, a voracious vegetarian who once sang "Meat is Murder" with his former band The Smiths, had agreed to perform only if the venue banned all "flesh as food" on the premises. 

STORY: Staples Center Goes Vegetarian for Morrissey 

But it has now come out that, while all McDonald's outlets there will indeed be closed, there would be some "meat options for fans," according to Staples Center spokeswoman Cara Vanderhook.

There will, however, be an expanded vegetarian menu, including vegan sloppy Joes, vegan sushi and hummus, according to a Staples Center press release.

Morrissey, for his part, is standing by his original press release announcing the unprecedented, animal-friendly move.

"Reports that the Staples Center will not be 100% vegetarian on March 1st are playfully untrue," he said in a statement. "Contractually, all McDonalds vendors shall be closed down, and the only thing burning shall be my heart."