'Monsters University' Trailer Reunites Scully and Mike (Video)

Disney/Pixar has released the trailer for Monsters University a year before the film hits theaters. It's the animated prequel to the 2001 hit Monsters Inc., and features two familiar and beloved characters -- Sully and Mike -- in a college dorm.

Four slightly altered editions of the promo -- released Wednesday on iTunes, Yahoo, the Huffington Post and Disney's website -- have different one-liners in a scene involving Sully (John Goodman) playing a prank on Mike (Billy Crystal). The latter is unamused by Sully's partying ways, and each clip ends with Mike hanging from the ceiling, so to speak.

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The movie arrives June 21, 2013. Pixar's Scottish fantasy adventure, Brave, opens Friday with the voices of Craig Ferguson and Emma Thompson.

Watch the iTunes version of the Monsters University trailer below.