Molly Shannon’s One-Time Agent Told Her She Wore Too Much Makeup, Needed Therapy

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Molly Shannon discussed auditioning for TV pilots during her early days in the biz in her Variety “Actors on Actors” sit-down with Emma Stone.

“It’s funny when you say pilot season, I wasn’t ready for that, I had like curly hair and cheap dresses, I wore too much makeup … my look was not together,” Shannon said. “I had an agent who dropped me and she was like a tough showbiz agent and she was like, ‘I have a bit of advice for you, don’t wear so much makeup and get into therapy’ … so I did both.”

The interview will air in its entirety on Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” Season 5, presented by The Venetian Las Vegas, which debuts on PBS SoCal on Jan. 3.