Michael Cera Having a High Time in 'Crystal Fairy' Trailer (Video)

Tony Maglio
The Wrap

Michael Cera wants to do mescaline in Chile in the "Crystal Fairy" trailer released Wednesday. He also doesn't want much to do with the title character, played by Gaby Hoffmann.

In the clip, all Cera wants is to share a little road trip -- and a lot of drugs -- with his South American buddies. But when the (North) American Crystal comes to town, she kind of messes up those plans, but kind of makes them better. Kind of.

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Their search for the San Pedro cactus that yields the mind-altering mescaline takes Jamie (Cera) and his Chilean hosts through the desert, eventually resorting to thievery before successfully (If drug use can be a "success") imbibing the drug.

The "Crystal Fairy" trip begins July 12.

Here's the trailer:

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