Megan Hilty Reveals The Unaired 'Smash' Ending

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Megan Hilty Reveals The Unaired 'Smash' Ending

Tonight's Smash season finale answered a lot of questions -- namely, who snaged the role of Marilyn Monroe in Bombshell The Musical. But more importantly, it posed a massive query that fans are left to ponder over until season two launches in 2013: Did Ivy Commit Suicide?

VIDEO - Megan's Marilyn Moment

Last seen staring longingly at a handful of pills as Karen brought the audience to their feet during Bombshell's new closing number, Ivy's fate was left up in the air as the curtain on season one dropped. And according to Megan Hilty, not even she knows how things will turn out. In fact, she didn't even know which ending would make the air since producers shot multiple versions!

"We did it several different ways," she told at the launch of Dr. Scholl's Get Up & Go campaign. "We had some shots where I took the pills and then there were a few different takes where I gave the mirror this variety of looks. One was very smiley in a twisted way and another where I made a Marilyn kissy face. We tried out so many different emotions."

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But Megan agrees that the version that aired -- which left things on as ambiguous a note as possible -- was the best choice. "That's a great option [because] you have no idea what's going to happen next." Although Megan has her own personal hopes for the second season.

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"I hope Ivy gets it together a little bit -- it would be nice if she got a really great boyfriend," she told me. "So I'll be holding unofficial auditions all summer long."

Boys, start warming up those pipes!

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