The Many Ways Hollywood Destroys the White House (Video)

Victor Klaus

Supervillains, martians, X-Men, and Mother Nature haven't been kind to the White House in Hollywood blockbusters. 

In recognition of the latest cinematic attack on the presidential residence -- under siege by North Korean commandos in Olympus Has Fallen -- The Hollywood Reporter  offers a look at a few memorable film moments where the stately decor of the Oval Office has been obliterated. 

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In Superman 2, villain Non marches through the White House with impunity, punching through a pillar or two. Comically-green alien invaders zap away at the First Lady's (Glenn Close) chandelier in Mars Attacks

An entire aircraft carrier is swept onto the manor during a global warming-induced tidal wave in 2012X2's Nightcrawler, meanwhile, manages to evade and disarm teams of Secret Service agents on the way toward the Oval Office in the opening sequence of the film. 

And, in what may be the most iconic decimation of the White House in Hollywood films, an alien force simply destroys the building with one laser beam blast in Independence Day