Lionsgate and Samsung Pact on 3D Movie Releases

Etan Vlessing
The Hollywood Reporter
Lionsgate and Samsung Pact on 3D Movie Releases

TORONTO - The 3D phenomenon has Lionsgate pacting with Samsung Electronics to make theatrical 3D titles available in the home entertainment market.

The Consumer Electronics Show announcement will see the indie studio use Samsung's proprietary 3D image processing technology to deliver new 3D versions of Lionsgate action films like Gamer, Crank and Bangkok Dangerous.

Other theatrical titles will also be put in the pipeline for 3D conversion and release on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, EST and VOD platforms.

"The home entertainment market is ripe for a premium technology like 3D, and consumers have consistently demonstrated their willingness to pay for added value," said Lionsgate president of worldwide television and digital distribution Jim Packer in a statement from Las Vegas.