'Life of Pi' Becomes 2012's Highest-Grossing Hollywood Release in India

Nyay Bhushan
The Hollywood Reporter
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Since its Nov. 23 release here, Ang Lee's Life of Pi has grossed rupees 900 million ($17 million) according to its India distributor Fox Star Studios. That makes it the highest-grossing Hollywood release here for 2012.

Starring newcomer Suraj Sharma in the lead role, the film also features acclaimed Indian actors Irrfan Khan and actress Tabu.

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Pi has managed to overtake last summer's tentpole release The Amazing Spiderman, which grossed an estimated rupees 810 million in India. Released by Sony Pictures India, Spiderman nevertheless recorded the highest opening weekend for a Hollywood release here, collecting rupees 340 million.

Life of Pi is still in release in English and local language dubbed versions. The film is also estimated to be the third-highest grossing Hollywood release of all time in India behind James Cameron's Avatar and Roland Emmerich's 2012.

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Avatar crossed over rupees 1 billion for its India distributor Fox Star Studios, while Sony's 2012 collected about rupees 900 million during its run. Along with Titanic, Fox Star Studios now has three of the top-five biggest Hollywood grossers of all time in India.