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'The Big Sleep' (1946)

Her second movie with Humphrey Bogart was Howard Hawks's adaptation of Raymond Chandler's noir novel. Bogie plays private dick Philip Marlowe, Bacall plays the daughter of his rich client, and their interplay here gets impossibly electric, particularly during their famous and highly suggestive conversation about horse racing.

Lauren Bacall: 23 Unforgettable Moments From a Dazzling Life

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor

Since she strutted her way onto the screen as a teenager in the 1940s, Lauren Bacall has smoldered over American culture as a unmistakable presence of pure charisma. One of the great sharp-tongued heroines of the noir years, she'd eventually grow into a great lady of the American theater — all the while maintaining an outsized personality, both on and off the screen. A child of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, Bacall turned her name into a synonym for class and style. Here are some of the great moments of an absolutely dazzling life.