LAFF: Pedro Almodovar Touts 'I'm So Excited' on Opening Night

Jennifer Calfas
LAFF: Pedro Almodovar Touts 'I'm So Excited' on Opening Night

Los Angeles moviegoers just got one more reason to get excited.

After a pre-screening of Man of Steel on Wednesday, the 19th Los Angeles Film Festival, sponsored by Film Independent, opened Thursday with renowned Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar’s latest comedy I’m So Excited! Almodóvar joined actors Javier Camara, Miguel Silvestre and Blanca Suaraz along with LAFF creative team members on the red carpet before the film made its North American debut.

The latest Almodóvar piece — which features cameos by Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas — revolves around three atypical flight attendants who must try to keep their flight’s passengers in good spirits as a technical failure onboard threatens their safety. Filled with sexuality, alcohol and crude behavior, the characters share their stories and discover what really matters in their respective lives.

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Almodóvar told the audience before the film’s screening that he was very thankful to attend the festival.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a huge privilege just to be in this festival,” he said. “I don’t come very often to this town, but this is the best reason.”

Before the screening, Almodóvar told The Hollywood Reporter that the film also serves as a metaphor for the current state of turmoil in Spain. Just like the passengers in the film stay suspended in the air with little knowledge of their own fate, so do Spaniards in their current state of limbo.

“We need an emergency landing, but we don’t know where, when, how, who will be in command and so that’s, you know, frightening,” he said.

Almodóvar added that the film still remains a comedy, especially for American audiences who may not understand the metaphor.

The premiere kicked off Los Angeles’ 10-day film festival, which features a wide array of films ranging from documentaries to romantic comedies. David Ansen, the festival’s artistic director who hit the carpet with Film Independent co-presidents Josh Welsh and Sean McCanus, told THR that Almodóvar is “a game-changer” and the festival is honored to host his film’s North American debut.

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“There’s nobody like him,” Ansen said. “He completely changed the face of Spanish cinema. If there’s one foreign film director that everybody knows in this country, it’s Pedro.”

With Hollywood films dominating the film industry, Ansen stressed the importance of festivals in maintaining a diverse film culture. While LAFF will host 35 premieres during the festival alone, Ansen said festivalgoers are in for some fresh and rich new talent.

Tom Bernard, Sony Pictures Classics co-president, lauded Ansen’s work as artistic director of the festival, noting that festivals reflect the taste of its directors.

“We try to follow the festivals with people of taste who program them because you’re in a festival that’s meaningful because all the movies are important,” Bernard said.

Sony Pictures Classics has produced more than 12 of Almodóvar’s films. Bernard told THR that he predicts the film will be a huge hit among American audiences.

“It’s a comedy about now, and it’s subversive and entertaining. It hits every level,” Bernard said. “You can’t deny it; Pedro is a master.”

I’m So Excited! hits Los Angeles and New York theaters June 28.

The Los Angeles Film Festival runs from June 13-23, closing with The Way, Way Back, starring Steve Carrell, Toni Collette, Sam Rockwell and Maya Rudolph.