Kodak Pacts to Supply 20th Century Fox With Film

David S. Cohen
VarietyJune 3, 2013

35mm film stock may be on its way out, but as far as Kodak is concerned, it’s not dead yet.

The venerable Rochester, N.Y.-based firm, much shrunken in bankruptcy, has pacted to supply Fox with motion picture film for both features and TV. Deal covers film for “content creatin, distribution and archival,” according to Andrew Evenski, pesident of Kodak’s Entertainment & Commercial Films Division.

Kodak has concluded deals within the last year to supply film stock to six majors: Disney, Warner Bros., NBC-Universal, Paramount, Sony and Fox.

With the digital transition in theaters nearly complete, there is shrinking demand for 35mm print stock. Yet many directors and cinematographers still prefer to capture on film, and as yet there is no better long-term archival solution for moving images than 35mm black-and-white film stored in a climate-controlled vault.

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