Say What?! Kim Kardashian's Out-of-Control Ego

Meg Swertlow
The Insider
Say What?! Kim Kardashian's Out-of-Control Ego

Oh man, if this story is true, the only thing bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass is her ego. Radar is reporting that the why-is-she-still-famous "reality star" gloated to a friend, "I’m more famous than Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow combined."

Uhhh not quite. I really hope that Kim understands her role as Hollywood's default punch line. What would late night hosts talk about if it wasn’t for her?! Her entire career has hinged on the fact that she is a ridiculous and talentless human, who seems like it would be fun to have a cocktail or six with. I hope Kim gets that and doesn’t think she is someone’s whose career will stand the test of time, or that in decades to come, people will look back and think (if people even remember her) that her contribution to society was anything but a big joke.

Kim soared to fame in 2007 when her sex tape with consummate loser Ray J hit the internets. Since then, she has been the poster child for "being famous for doing nothing." Somehow she has parlayed her charmed life into a multi-million dollar career. The exotic beauty has made a literal fortune off being pretty, having a monstrous ass, waxing it on and over sharing the trials and tribulations of her idiotic life with the world. But none of that means she is more famous than Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth Paltrow -- especially not combined! Kim’s career and success has taught the world some pretty terrible lessons: wealth doesn’t equal respect, fame doesn’t equal talent and selling out equals worldwide success.

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Kim couldn’t possibly so dumb that she really think her fame eclipses Oscar winners, Emmy winners and legitimately talented people, could she? Nor could she be so dumb that she televised her $10 million “fairytale” wedding to a basketball-playing Neanderthal and then file for divorce a mere 72 days later?! I mean she totally couldn’t be that dumb! Oh wait a minute …

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