Kevin Hart Gets the Bejeezus Scared Out of Him with Jimmy Fallon

Superfan TV

On Thursday's The Tonight Show, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon visited one of New York's scariest haunted houses. This trip was payback for the time a time when Jimmy Fallon took Kevin Hart for a ride on a scary roller coaster. Apparently, Kevin Hart hates roller coasters as much as Jimmy Fallon hates being scared.

Kevin Hart warned potential frighteners, "You jump out on me if you want to, you're going to get a boot to the neck."

The two fumbled their way through the haunted house with people jumping out at them. The two screamed and clung to each other.

After, a ton of shouting and some swearing, the two emerged from the haunted house. Kevin Hart tried to play it cool, saying, "If you guys watch this and at any point its looks like I'm afraid, I'm an actor. That's me acting."