Kenny 'F***ing' Powers Goes Blonde

Jackie Willis
The Insider
Kenny 'F***ing' Powers Goes Blonde

Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) has already rocked cornrows in Eastbound and Down, so it comes as no surprise that going into the fourth season of the HBO show, the most arrogant man in baseball is now a blonde bombshell.

Seen with a dark goatee and light curly locks, Powers attempts to cover up his new 'do with a hoodie. Season 3 left off with Kenny leaving the majors, faking his own death only to return to North Carolina to live with his family. HBO announced this summer that they had renewed the show despite some hesitation from the cast and creators.

"HBO definitely wants us, and [co-creator] Jody Hill and I love writing for the show,” McBride told Entertainment Weekly. "But there is other stuff we’d like to do. Both of us are ready to make jokes concerning people who don’t have strange haircuts."

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Season 3 of the cable comedy was just released on DVD, and features Saturday Night Live alums Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell. The upcoming season is expected to air sometime early next year.

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