Ken Bone Reacts to Favorite Twitter Mentions, Sexy Halloween Costume on '@Midnight'

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Debate sensation Ken Bone appeared on Chris Hardwick's @Midnight where he reacted to some of his favorite tweets about him, posted under @Midnight's suggested #KenBoneFacts hashtag, as well as the "Sexy Undecided Voter Costume" that was inspired by Bone's red sweater look.

"I did see the Sexy Ken Bone costume, and while I was strangely aroused," said Bone via Skype on the show. "I want to point out that there is only one real sexy Ken Bone outfit out there. I'm wearing it."

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Bone has been making the late-night rounds since his appearance at the second presidential debate went viral after he posed an energy question to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He told Jimmy Kimmel he was still an undecided voter and on @midnight he said he couldn't pick just one favorite tweet about him since he is still "undecided."

Bone had funny responses to his top tweets, including one Twitter user calling him the "5th Golden Girl." Another tweet said, "He can't attend an ugly sweater party, because they all look so good on him" to which Bone responded "Duh."

When Bone read a tweet that said, "Clowns tweet about Ken Bone sightings," he responded, "If I ever see one of them, I'm going to go Liam Neeson on their ass."

Bone left viewers with a message encouraging everyone to vote in the presidential election.

"I just want to encourage everyone to get out there and register to vote because in 2016 Yes We Ken."

Watch the video below.

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