Kellyanne Conway Defends Donald Trump’s Twitter Reaction To ‘Hamilton’ Flap & ‘SNL’

Erik Pedersen

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and now senior adviser came to his defense today as Kellyanne Conway sparred with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over the president-elect’s Twitter rampage after perceived disses by Hamilton and Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Watch above some of the testy interview that took place this morning on the cable news outlet after Trump on Sunday tweeted (among other things):

“Why take up SNL?” Cuomo asks Conway. “No president does that. Why take it up? Why waste the time? Why distract?” Conway’s honest reply: “But why do you care? In other words, who’s to say that he can’t do that — make a comment, spend five minutes on a tweet and making comments –.” Cuomo interrupted, saying: “Having the right to do that is absolute; nobody’s saying that. But as my president –.” Conway then interrupted Cuomo: “Then focus on what he did this week as your president-elect, which was unbelievable.”

Things continued along those lines, with interviewer and subject trading smacks. “How about acceptin g the election results, Chris, and letting him form a government?” she asks. To which Cuomo replies, “How have we not done that?” She insists, “By this conversation and others.”

Conway continued to defend the Tweeter in Chief — something we’re likely to see plenty of in the upcoming months and years.

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