Katy Perry Buys Her Assistants Five Fisker Karmas for $500K

George Kennedy
BoldrideMarch 21, 2014

You can call the Fisker Karma a green car for the elite, or an eco-savvy supercar. Either way, it’s efficient and has attracted the attention of the wealthy and celebrities. It has even caught the attention of singer Katy Perry, who purchased five Karmas for her assistants–to the tune of a collective $500,000.

According to the DailyMail, Perry became concerned about the environment after she was informed about the carbon footprint of the equipment and transports required to make her tour happen. Since then she apparently is seeking ways to reduce that footprint, as evidenced by the purchase of the five four-door extended-range electric vehicles.

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The Fisker Karma is a plug-in electric vehicle that uses electric motors to power the wheels. When the battery runs low, a small-displacement gas generator kicks in to charge up the battery again. It achieves the equivalent of 100 MPG, but has 409 horsepower and can get from zero to sixty in just 5.9 seconds.

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Company founder Henrik Fisker once called the Karma the “supercar for the environmentally conscious.” Henrik said the idea came to him when he saw Leonardo DiCaprio arrive at the Oscars in a Toyota Prius.


Though he was pushed out of the board of his own company and the company has ceased production, Perry apparently thought the Karma was a better fit for her team than the Tesla Model S. Perhaps the constant running around (with minimal opportunity to recharge) made the Karma a more ideal choice for running around and doing Perry’s bidding.

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