Katie Couric Says She Had Been Approached to Come Back to 'Today' (Video)

Tony Maglio
The Wrap

Katie Couric joined Howard Stern on SiriusXM Satellite Radio on Tuesday, where as per format, anything goes.

The two media giants spoke about Couric's infamous Sarah Palin interview, the "Today" show's woes, and how Couric never hooked up with former co-host Matt Lauer – though she admitted to once having a little crush on him. She credited those feelings to Lauer's quick wit, though it was during the time that he had far more hair.

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Couric mentioned that she and Lauer had spoken about reuniting, and there were low-level discussions about a possible return to "Today."

"There were some cautious overtures to me to possibly come back to 'The Today Show' but then they sort of evaporated," said Couric.

She spoke about her tenure as co-host of "Today" -- from 1991 to 2006 -- fondly, saying, "For me, that was the best job."

Watch below:

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