Is Jimmy Fallon the Most Thankful Person on TV?

Superfan TV

Everyone knows that Jimmy Fallon is the best at writing “Thank You Notes” on The Tonight Show, but Jimmy might just be the most thankful person on television. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to show precisely how thankful Jimmy is by highlighting how often he says ‘thank you” to his guests, The Roots, and his audience members.

The Tonight Show host seems to say ‘thank you’ more than anyone else on TV, and it didn’t take long to find dozens of times Jimmy thanks someone. Maybe it’s the respect that he has for the people around him, maybe he wants everyone to feel appreciated, or maybe he’s just a naturally gracious person… either way, we appreciate Jimmy being so appreciative.

So this Thanksgiving, we want Jimmy to know that those of us here at SuperFan are thankful that we get to watch him be thankful every night! Happy Thanksgiving!