Jennifer Lawrence Tries Not to Drown in Mid-Air in New 'Passengers' Clip

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, which naturally makes their team-up in sci-fi romantic thriller Passengers one of the year’s most anticipated studio releases. In it, the two play astronauts who awaken from cryosleep almost a century before they’re due to arrive at their deep-space destination, meaning they’ll have to spend their entire lives together aboard the ship while the rest of their crewmates enjoy some artificially enhanced slumber. That might be a terrifyingly sad situation if it weren’t for the fact that, you know, they make an adorable couple — although a new clip (watch it above) indicates that, aside from amour, their journey through the cosmos isn’t just going to be a pleasure cruise.

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Lawrence’s Aurora Dunn — yes, that’s her name — decides to go for a swim in the spacecraft’s giant pool. Alas, at that precise moment, the ship’s gravity controls go haywire, putting her in the unique predicament of potentially drowning in mid-air. Aside from some nifty special effects and standard-issue mounting-tension music, that’s about all we get in this snippet from director Morten Tyldum’s film, which seems primarily designed to highlight the fact that, aside from Lawrence and Pratt’s lovey-dovey rapport, Passengers will place a premium on outer-space suspense.

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Can the two Hollywood A-listers thrive as an intergalactic couple? And can their star power thrust Passengers to the top of the Christmas season box-office charts? Such questions will be answered when the film, co-starring Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, and Andy Garcia, docks in theaters on Dec. 21.

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