Jennifer Lawrence Thought Her Stunts in ‘Passengers’ Would Prevent Her From Bearing Children

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt talked to Ellen about their new sci-fi movie Passengers, which hits theaters in December. But, it was Lawrence's reason for refusing to do stunts requiring her to wear a harness that was purely science fiction.

"He [Pratt] had to do basically everything," Lawrence said. "Because, I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions. So, I thought that if I were in harness I would never be able to bear children."

Ellen seemed surprised by Lawrence's reasoning and asked, "You think you can't have a child if you wear a harness?"

"Yes, I'm sick," Lawrence replied. And, her reluctance to wear a harness sometimes left her co-star hanging, so to speak.

"I remembering hanging in this harness with this space suit that was really heavy and incredibly uncomfortable," Pratt explained. "I just remember saying you guys better get this together because Jen is not going to do this."

Of course, Jen ultimately did the necessary stunt work, because, you know, money. Could Jen and Chris be the next Meg and Tom? Let us know your suggestions on Facebook or in the comments below.