Catching Up with Jennifer Lawrence and the 'Hunger Games' Crew at Cannes

Yahoo MoviesMay 19, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games cast and director Francis Lawrence have been intensely shooting the back-to-back sequels Mockingjay — Parts 1 and 2 in Paris. They took a break on Sunday to jump into a different kind of arena: the Cannes photo op. The crew flew to the film festival for a press event (sorry, no footage sneak peeks) and walked the red carpet, a rare break from fighting the Capitol. Yahoo Movies’ Ben Lyons was there armed with his weapon of choice — a microphone — and talked to the whole crew. Watch the video above and hear Jennifer Lawrence talk about life outside the arena in the trilogy’s climax (District 13: be there!), Josh Hutcherson on the sad finality of shooting the last films, and Liam Hemsworth is faced with a confounding challenge worthy of Seneca Crane: Is it prounounced “Cans" or "Cah-nes”?