James Cameron Rips 3D for 'Man of Steel,' 'Iron Man 3'

Tony Maglio
The WrapJuly 9, 2013

James Cameron has reached a new level of grumpy about bad 3D -- his latest targets being "Man of Steel," "Iron Man 3" and the greedy studios who he says waste money converting them.

This summer's superhero tentpoles didn't need 3D to begin with, the "Avatar" director said last week at Mexico City's technology forum TagDF, according to The Film Stage.

"If you spend $150 million on visual effects, the film is already going to [look] spectacular [and] perfect," Cameron said.

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Cameron has complained in the years since "Avatar" about how schlocky 3D conversions erode the format -- especially when studios take control from directors. Unlike films shot in 3D, he says conversions do not portray the same visual depth.

"One thing is shooting in 3D and another is to convert to 3D," he said.

Ironically, Cameron converted "Titanic" to 3D last year ... but justified that by noting at length how hands-on he was in the conversion process.

Cameron also confirmed at TagDF that he will begin development of "Battle Angel" in 2017, following the "Avatar" sequels.

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