Important ‘Little People, Big World’ Employee Gets Deported to Mexico

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On Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff returned from Los Angeles, where he had neck surgery, to find out that he was about to lose Camerino, an employee at the family’s farm.

“I have bad news. For you and for me,” Camerino said. “I’ve got to go to Mexico.”

While Matt was away, a lawyer told his ex-wife, Amy, that Camerino must be deported to Mexico. Of course, Matt was surprised to hear the news. He was also saddened to learn that Camerino would have to leave his family behind.

And fans of the show took to Twitter to express their feelings. D wrote, “Omg I just balled at Camerino having to be deported. I can’t believe they just separate families like this” and Kim Smith tweeted, “I’m bawling on this part. Why deport someone who isn’t causing trouble but keep the ones that are? Such a sad time!!!”

Despite the surprising departure, there is still hope that Camerino will be able to return. “As soon as I get to my feet, I’ll do everything I can to change that, to bring you back,” Matt said. “This farm will not survive without you.”

Watch Little People feel the pressure to have grandchildren:

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