Hugh Jackman's Foolproof Plan To Win (Something) On Oscar Night

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Hugh Jackman attends the 85th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 4, 2013 -- Getty Images

Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman believes he has a foolproof method to make sure he still comes out a winner on Oscar night when he faces stiff competition from several stars in the Best Actor category, including "Lincoln's" Daniel Day Lewis.

"The way that I look at it is, I'm just going to put money on him. That way it's a win-win. Right?" he laughed, as he sat down with Dave Karger for Access Hollywood at the Oscar nominees' luncheon on Monday in Beverly Hills (Dave asked Hugh how he plans to take on Daniel, who many critics believe is the frontrunner for the award).

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"And the other three as well... I'm going to put money on them all. Like, a lot of money," he added, referring to his fellow nominees.

With the Oscars just weeks away, Hugh said his "Les Miserables" co-star, Russell Crowe, has been a rock for him to lean on.

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"He's been amazing through this whole process, he's someone whose been there many times before and he's been on the end of the phone several times and [is] really, really supportive," Hugh said, responding to rumors Russell Tweeted that he voted for his co-star in the Oscar race (the Tweet appears to have been removed from Russell's Twitter feed).

"That guy does so many things, apart from Twitter, that people don't know about that is good, that I wish I could let everybody know about," Hugh added.

Hugh has been enjoying award season, but he nearly got carried away at Monday's Oscars luncheon.

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"What I did almost do -- and Jessica Chastain talked me out of it -- while we were waiting for that photo and there were six photos, with 15 seconds in between, I found my fingers just going like this up the back [of the statue]. I was so close to doing it. I said Jessica, 'I just want to give him bunny ears,'" Hugh laughed. "She said, 'That's hilarious. Don't do it.'

"I was gonna totally bunny ear Oscar," he added.

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The Academy Awards air February 24 at 7 PM ET, 4 PM PT on ABC.

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