How Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Worked Their Way Through the Awkwardness of Shooting ‘Sex Tape’

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor

Awkward. That’s the adjective most used by actors when describing the experience of filming sex scenes for a Hollywood movie. (The word hot is never used.) As might surmise from the title, there were many hours of shooting of closed-set intimacy in the new comedy Sex Tape. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in the film, playing a couple that accidentally share their raunchy home video with friends and family (and the mailman), and go to great lengths to recover the goods. Shooting the scenes of simulated sexytime for the film took an entire week.

"It was more like locker room vibe, lots of high-fives" Diaz tells Yahoo Movies when we ask her and Segel if that meant a week of awkwardness. "And we had Jake Kasdan, our director, standing over the top of us with a camera looking down on us a lot, so… We’re making a comedy, we’re not actually making a porn."

Segel, who owns one of the great awkward-funny nude scenes in movies for his full-frontal soul-baring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, added that “it felt like an experiment in trying to see how far they could push it and how funny we could be within the realm of good taste to make the sex tape really embarrassing.” Which is why there’s salami involved, naturally.

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