Hollywood Holidays: Brock Label Co-Founders Share Thanksgiving Marinated Olives Recipe

Stephanie Chan
The Hollywood Reporter

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and if you're having a hard time figuring out what to bring to Friendsgiving or to cook for your family's upcoming feast, fret not. We've asked fashion and beauty insiders to share their favorite recipes in celebration of the upcoming holiday. Here, Brock co-founder Laura Vassar shares her family recipe for olives.

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"Our family gathers in Northern California at my grandparents' home in Sonoma. They live on a ranch, so we spend the weekend horseback riding, hiking and cooking. Our most coveted family recipe is one that has been in the Wright Family (on my mother's side) for generations. My grandfather has passed along the recipe - each holiday he makes his own olives. We patiently wait for these olives every fall, and after spending Thanksgiving together, each family is lucky enough to go home with a jar," says Laura Vassar, who co-designs Brock with husband Kris Brock. The couple behind the Newport Beach, Calif.-based brand of romantic dresses and skirts, founded in 2013, most recently took home the grand prize of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

Adds Vassar: "Papa Donny picks the most perfect olives from the olive trees in his backyard that he's planted. My grandfather has the magic touch and when he feels they are perfect, we follow his recipe and then package the jars to send to family and friends. Papa Donny's olives always remind me of home, family, love and the holidays."

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Selection of olives (ideally picked fresh)


Wash olives and place in pint-size jars
Create mixture of 1/2 lye and 1/2 water
Soak olives in mixture for 4 days and then taste test (soak longer if needed)
Rinse and salt to taste
Special note: The trick is to soak them slowly and for the full amount of time!

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