Hollywood Flashback: Kim Kardashian Was Paris Hilton's Assistant During Hollywood's "Bling Ring" Robberies

The Hollywood Reporter

The thieves who snatched $11 million in jewels from Kim Kardashian in Paris made off better than the "Bling Ring" burglars, who in 10 months beginning in late 2008 gathered $3 million worth of designer clothes, Rolexes, jewelry, handbags and shoes from stars' homes. Though they were less successful, the burglars did get a movie made about them: 2013's The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson.

THR praised the film, saying it "fits quite snugly in the realm of privilege examined in director Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and Somewhere." Except this realm of privilege was the West Valley. It was from there that eight middle-class youths would come over the hill to burgle homes ("going shopping," they called it).

Though Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom also were targeted, the thieves made a specialty of Paris Hilton (Kardashian was her assistant at the time). Hilton's Mulholland Estates mansion was hit five times. The first entry netted lingerie, a dress and a bottle of vodka - and went undetected. But she definitely noticed when they later took $2 million in jewelry.

Hilton appeared as herself in the film, telling THR before a Cannes screening that it was "very strange" to see the bandits, who were caught and served sentences of 18 months or less, "sell my Birkin bags and heirloom jewelry on Venice Beach." 

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