Herman Cain's New Campaign Ad Is Just Blowing Smoke (Video)

Tim Kenneally
The Wrap
Herman Cain's New Campaign Ad Is Just Blowing Smoke (Video)

Time will tell if Herman Cain wins the endorsement of the Republican Party for the 2012 presidential election. But chances are he won't be scoring any points from the American Cancer Society or the American Lung Association.

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Mark Block, the chief of staff for GOP candidate Cain, has filmed a bizarre campaign ad stumping for his boss that's captured the attention of Internet time-wasters, fans of unintentional humor and anti-smoking zealots alike.

In the ad -- paid for by Friends of Herman Cain Inc. -- Block trumpets Cain's attributes, gushing, " Herman Cain will put the 'united' back in the United States of America, and if I didn't believe that I wouldn't be here."

As the video draws to a close, cheesy, it-came-from-the'80s music begins to swell, and Block puts a cigarette to his lips and takes a puff with an intent look on his face.

Dude, the ad's 56 seconds long; you couldn't hold off until then?

Predictably, the YouTube comments on the ad are mixed. Huffs one user, "So apparently the republicans now support smoking and smiling creepily at people while taking up half of a TV screen."

Another commenter, however, counters, "I can't stand Herman Cain, but there's something insanely addictive about this video."

Um, yeah; that would be the nicotine.

Watch Block get all puffed up for Cain in the video.

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