Helen Mirren Surprises James Marsden on ‘Ellen’ After He Professes Love for Her

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Just moments after professing his love for Helen Mirren on Ellen on Monday, Westworld star James Marsden got the chance to meet his longtime celebrity crush. Mirren was the first guest on Ellen, but the two didn’t meet backstage, so while Marsden gushed about the actress, host Ellen DeGeneres called her back out. This was the first time they’d met, but not the first time they’ve been in the same vicinity, and Marsden has a slightly creepy story about the time he almost met Mirren.

According to Marsden, he and Mirren were on the same flight. He didn’t introduce himself, but he did follow her through the airport when they landed and even snapped a photo of Mirren as she walked ahead of him.

“I was on a flight with her once, to Rome, and when I got off the flight I followed her to baggage claim, and in a very voyeuristic, creepy way, I took a photo of her while she was walking,” Marsden said.

Mirren, for her part, had fun with Marsden’s creepy airport stalking and came out from backstage pretending to take photos of his backside like the one he took of her. As they posed for a picture together, Marsden’s face was admittedly red, whether from the embarrassment over the airport photo or just because he was meeting his longtime crush. After the brief but adorable meeting, Mirren said her goodbye and walked offstage … then walked right back onstage because she went the wrong way. Marsden was more than happy to take her hand and escort her backstage.

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