Hayley Hasselhoff Slams D.U.I. Reports - EXCLUSIVE

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Hayley Hasselhoff Slams D.U.I. Reports - EXCLUSIVE

Earlier this week, it was reported that Hayley Hasselhoff had been charged with DUI and speeding following an arrest in Los Angeles just after Christmas. But the actress insists the story is completely inaccurate. 

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"The story that broke this week is absolutely false," Hasselhoff exclusively tells ETonline in a statement. "I did not get a DUI, nor did I get arrested. I wish that the press would do their diligence to get their facts straight."

Hasselhoff adds, "Unfortunately, this is not the first time my family and I have been falsely accused in the media. However, since drinking and driving is not a matter I take lightly, I wanted to speak up for the sake of my family, friends and supporters."

Hasselhoff's rep admits that she was pulled over for speeding and got a speeding ticket, but did not get arrested or charged with a DUI as the media's stories have claimed.

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